BoreSight Minerals LLC is a privately held, Utah-based precious metal exploration company formed specifically to explore for and discover properties that have economically viable precious and basemetal resources.

Our company’s creation is the direct outgrowth of our team’s experience. It is the culmination of our life experience focused into the present, We exercise our passion to create and discover, enrich lives and to leave a balanced legacy unlike any before.

  • BoreSight Minerals LLC, using our proprietary method we call Deposit Footprint Recognition and Distillation©, (DFRD). DFRD is isolating the veiled ore settings within the terrains in which both Sediment-Hosted Intrusion-Related Gold Deposits (SHIRGD), porphyry type mineralization and epizonal High Sulfidation – Low Sulfidation gold deposits should and do occur. We recognize the significant value of these types of deposits. As a result, Treasure Incorporated began staking the BoreSight Minerals Drum Mountain holdings in early June of 2010 and completed in early March 2011, 11 days prior to the arrival of AngloGold-Ashanti. Newmont Gold and Freeport-McMoRan followed shortly thereafter in staking mining claims thus closing out the mineralized trend to further claims.
  • In just three years, BoreSight Minerals LLC has established itself as a credible and aggressive precious and base-metal exploration company. BoreSight Minerals is engaged in regional investigations and geologic mapping programs which, in conjunction with field investigation, DFRD, geochemistry, geophysical and high-tech spectral applications, has recognized and discovered exceptionally high value exploration targets with strong development potential.
  • A Freeport-McMoRan property now adjoins our Drum Mountain holdings. Freeport is the largest mining company in the world according to Forbes list.
  • Gold prices will fluctuate, but most specialists following gold prices predict they will rise over the long term due to world economic pressures.
  • Obtaining necessary permits and environmental clearances are relatively simple processes in mining-friendly Utah.
  • BoreSight LLC is exploring ahead. In addition to the above-cited holdings, two additional targets are under evaluation to determine if they meet our requirements to be included into our portfolio.