• BoreSight Minerals LLC is an umbrella company. As a precious metal exploration company we form companies around individual projects.
  • BoreSight Minerals LLC discovers Green Field mineral deposits and reevaluates semi Green and Brown Field structural domains. There are only a few main classes of ore deposits types on planet Earth.  The many varieties are sub classifications or end members within a continuum or between the major main types. By comparison and contrast studies, we determine what the unknown characteristics are of a given prospect are. We then probe the alien aspects of the prospect for answers as to what it is not and re-compare it against our data base of worldwide deposits for its closest match. This cost effective measure helps define our prospect, exploration program and where our site level expenditures are best spent.
  • We seek only exploration properties that meet our criteria as to having the highest potential of developing into a producing mine and to develop each to the point where we provide a predictive deposit model type and probable size.
  • At this point we invite well-established mining companies to develop the project through the completion of a feasibility study.
  • Once the development work is complete, we will have a firm picture of our in-ground assets (ore bodies) and their values.
  • We will then sell the project based on the in-ground assets.  This provides for the highest return on our discoveries within a reasonable time frame.