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Sunrise at the Drum Mountains, Utah

Drum Mountains, Utah

BoreSight Minerals LLC
BoreSight Minerals LLC is a Utah-based precious metal and minerals exploration company formed in 2010 specifically to explore for and acquire high-quality (tier 1 and tier 2) properties which have the highest potential of containing economically viable metal and mineral resources.

BoreSight holds 6,696.5 acres in precious and base-metal claims and mineral leases in west-central Utah.

BoreSight Minerals collaborates with experienced mining companies who do the advanced development and mine operation. Our revenue is generated from earn-in and lease contracts, option agreements and smelter royalties.

Our Approach and the Global Perspective

BoreSight Minerals LLC applies the foundations of field and economic geology, volcanology and geophysics to prospect for and discover precious and base-metal deposits. We use drilling as our direct exploration tool. As well as using conventional, well-established geophysical techniques, we also utilize the latest high-tech application of remote sensing and enhanced imaging techniques such as ASTER, AVIRIS and Landsat 7ETM+ as well as use the standard geophysical methods in our exploration. These tools, in combination with 30+ years of field experience and 250 years combined business experience, give BoreSight Minerals LLC the advantages of the highly effective and hungry small exploration company and unite it with the tool box of the Goliath multi-national majors. This combination gives BoreSight Minerals LLC the needed edge to make the big discoveries on smaller exploration budgets.

Globally, the discovery of new precious and base-metal ore deposits is becoming increasingly rare, more difficult and very costly. During the past 5 years, average gold grades in the worlds producing mines have fallen from 1.5 to 1.06 ppm gold (1.06 grams of gold) per ton of ore. Gold grades in proven, un-developed deposits which are expected to come on-line in the next decade, will be 0.66 ppm gold per ton. It is in countries where stable socio-economic conditions prevail that exploration properties showing gold grades higher than 1.5 ppm Au per ton are becoming the priority evaluation-purchase targets for many of the major and intermediate size mining companies worldwide. It is exploration properties like our Drum Mountain Gold Project with gold grades averaging 2.1+ ppm, that will attract the primary concentration of many intermediate and major mining companies. Currently there are three major  mining companies involved in exploration projects adjacent to our Drum Mountain property.